Blessed 🙎🏻‍♂️

street games on Penang's Ferry . this was taken in 2017 when im walking around Penang 🤘🏻

portsplay by afifaimann


Time to skate with imaa

here are my own self portraiture . this place also famous (belakang uitm ,seberang Jaya , Pulau Pinang) in photographer who want to capture different portrait or we call something new , like coboy era , travellers or anything . so this place accordingly for those who like to capture old school style portraiture .

when my trip to Tanah rata Cameron highland , i had time to stop at this wonderful damn place like a paradise (lata iskandar) in Perak , Malaysia .first thing in my head is Ohh my God , this real nice to see with both eyes we have (indeed , Allah is the great creator) . so ya , this place , u guys should visit it because this experience will be the best thing in ur trip before arrive to destination.

This picture was taken a few months ago at Penang street when I come to join @themalaya_ig for world wide instameet 15 . in my frame is syazliana said #wwim15

Between all of my product shooting when my trip from Penang to Kelantan and we also go to Terengganu because as we know that the trip never complete if we don't go the both of the place . my friend or we call best friend in my frame camera when we have go to Pantai Rhu Sepuluh , Terengganu . the place is mostly with the nice view and very softly when we see by any side . so I recommend that you guys should go to this place #Akunegaraku #VisitTerengganu

Even this just a small , dirty and streetman picture but it is enough to see that how are important us as Malaysian can help them . #MyMalaysiaMyPeople